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With the invention of ride sharing, the car service industry has changed drastically over the past few years. Taxi cab companies and black car services have seen the greatest impact on their customer base. Every company is looking for a better way to reach their potential customers and is a simple to use, friendly search directory designed to make it easier for these companies and their customers to ride together.

As depicted in the graph below, customers are looking for the easiest way to reach out to their drivers and provides them with the best solution for connecting with a driver. No need to download an app or register your personal information. Just select your state and city and you will be provided with a list of qualified companies ready to get you to your destination.

Cars Are Here Ride Sharing

According to research, ride sharing still isn’t completely trusted and with a lot of negative press, now is the time where transportation companies should be on the look out for every opportunity to gain back their customers. is dedicated to providing consumers with a platform that can be accessed over the internet from anywhere. The entire process is easier to use and provides customer’s with direct access to trusted drivers without the need to input and save their personal information or payment info.

As a customer, who do you trust more? A company that is licensed, insured, and permitted to drive, or a guy who drives part time when he gets off work at his other job? What sounds easier, calling a company and having them show up, or downloading an app, registering all you personal information, and then submitting a request through a form for a driver? Doesn’t making a simple phone call sound a lot easier and more reliable?

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